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John Guest 3/8 in. Plastic Push-to-Connect Coupling Contractor Pack (10-Pack)

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3/8 in. Plastic Push-to-Connect Coupling Contractor Pack (10-Pack)

The JG Speedfit 3/8 in. Push-to-Connect Coupling Contractor Pack (10-Pack) is a fast and easy way to connect Copper, CPVC or PEX pipe without the need for special tools, glue or soldering. John Guest"s innovative and reliable push-fit technology reduces installation time by as much as 40% versus traditional methods. They are great for use in hard to reach or confined spaces and make a perfect transition fitting, since they can be used with any combination of the copper tube sized (CTS) piping listed below. JG Speedfit products are removable, so they can be used as either temporary or permanent connection. Fittings incorporate a collet with stainless steel teeth which tightly grips the pipe and an EPDM O-ring to provide a permanent leak-proof seal. The additional benefit of its Twist and Lock feature provides greater compression on the O-ring seal and locks the fitting in place for greater security. Disconnection is just as easy and requires no special tools.

John Guest SKU: 206495909 ID # PSEI0416 UPC # 665628041257

Only $80.00 at HomeDepot.com

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