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Repellex Repellex Tables Systemic Animal Repellent Tablets (300-Count) 20006

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Repellex Tables Systemic Animal Repellent Tablets (300-Count) 20006

Repellex USA is proud to introduce our new systemic animal repellent to the market. This exclusive breakthrough technology allows capsaicin (hot pepper) to be absorbed into the plant by simply planting a tablet next to a growing plants root system. Once the repellent is absorbed over 7-30 days, the repellent will stay active for up to one whole year. Since the repellent is internally treating the plant, it will not wash off in the rain like traditional repellents do over time. This repellent is labeled and approved for repelling: deer, rabbits, moles, voles, gophers, groundhogs, dogs, cats and feral hogs. During the initial uptake time it is recommended to apply Repellex Original Deer and Rabbit Repellent to treat unprotected foliage while the systemic repellent is absorbed and reaching an effect repellency level. This repellent is not intended on food or feed crops. Avoid contact of pesticide with roots, foliage, stems and fruits of all crops intended for consumption because unpleasant taste will result. One 300 count bottle of Repellex Systemic Tablets will treat approximately 150-240 plants 12 in. tall. The number of tablets needed to treat a plant varies by height and width. Apply 1 tablet for every foot of plant height and width (height + width). Application amounts may vary by plant type and growth rate. In season reapplications may be necessary with very fast growing plants.

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