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Schonbek Hamilton 15"e 2 Light Wall Sconce in Silver

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Hamilton 15&quote 2 Light Wall Sconce in Silver

The lofty ceilings of centuries past would accommodate the grandest possible crystal chandeliers. Hamilton is gracefully elongated as if intended for such palatial quarters. Hand-formed crystal arms and handcut crystal in a variety of traditional cuts further distinguish Hamilton as a classic. Black crystal is utterly new, and boldly counter-intuitive. You expect crystal to glitter, and suddenly it doesn´´t. Gazing at our new Hamilton, dressed in Jet Black crystal, is like looking at a photographic negative of a classic crystal chandelier. The crystal is traditional in shape and beautifully faceted, but it´´s glossy rather than glitzy. The Jet Black crystal arms gleam darkly. Frame elements are exceptionally fine mouth-blown and hand-cut crystal, all in black. 2 Light Wall Sconce in Silver

Schonbek http://www.1800lighting.com/images/jqzoom/schonbek/HAMILTON_5702CL.jpg

Only $724.00 at 1800lighting.com

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