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Schonbek Hamilton 30"e 12 Light Chandelier in Silver

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Hamilton 30&quote 12 Light Chandelier in Silver

The lofty ceilings of centuries past would accommodate the grandest possible crystal chandeliers. Hamilton is gracefully elongated as if intended for such palatial quarters. Hand-formed crystal arms and handcut crystal in a variety of traditional cuts further distinguish Hamilton as a classic. Black crystal is utterly new, and boldly counter-intuitive. You expect crystal to glitter, and suddenly it doesn´´t. Gazing at our new Hamilton, dressed in Jet Black crystal, is like looking at a photographic negative of a classic crystal chandelier. The crystal is traditional in shape and beautifully faceted, but it´´s glossy rather than glitzy. The Jet Black crystal arms gleam darkly. Frame elements are exceptionally fine mouth-blown and hand-cut crystal, all in black. 12 Light Chandelier in Silver

Schonbek http://www.1800lighting.com/images/jqzoom/schonbek/5708CL.jpg

Only $6,985.00 at 1800lighting.com

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