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Schonbek Hamilton Rock Crystal 24"e 7 Light Chandelier in Silver

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Hamilton Rock Crystal 24&quote 7 Light Chandelier in Silver

Rock crystal is a marvel of nature, a souvenir of the tumultuos geological events that formed the Earth as we know it. Every rock crystal gemstone is unique in the universe. No wonder that in ancient times it was sometimes more valued than diamonds. The earliest chandeliers were hung with rock crystal, a clever attempt to to magnify the weak light of candles. But rock crystal was so rare and costly it was eventually replaced by man-made cut crystal. Schonbek has reintroduced rock crystal chandeliers to a world sadly deprived of their haunting beauty. The Hamilton Collection has been beautifully dressed in rock crystal combinations that can include clear rock, black and clear rock, or amethyst rock crystal garnished with rose quartz. 7 Light Chandelier in Silver

Schonbek http://www.1800lighting.com/images/jqzoom/schonbek/HAMILTON_5536AM.jpg

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