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Lutron Lutron D-600P Rotary 120 Volt 600 Watt Single Pole

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Lutron D-600P Rotary 120 Volt 600 Watt Single Pole

Lutron D-600P Rotary 120 Volt 600 Watt Single Pole Incandescent/Halogen Preset Dimmer with Push On/Off Single pole 600 watt capacity push on/off preset rotary dimmer. Easy-turn knob adjusts light to favorite light level. Press down to turn on and off. The original solid-state dimmer, introduced in 1961, sets lights for the perfect mood or ambiance. Rotate to select light level, and either rotate or push to on/off. Lutron D-600P Features: Large, easy-to-use knob Single-pole design Matching fan-speed controls available Matching Fassada® gloss wall plates available Rotate to dim, push on/off function Electrostatic discharge tested Mechanical air-gap switch to disconnect load power RFI suppression UL and CSA Listed Rated at 120 VAC, 60 Hz Lutron D-600P Specifications: Single-Pole Voltage: 120 Wattage: 600 The story of Lutron began in a makeshift lab in a New York City home in 1959 where Joel Spira emerged with a radical new innovation in home lighting: the solid-state rotary dimmer. In almost 50 years of innovation, Lutron has invented hundreds of lighting control devices and systems, and expanded their product offering from 2 products to 15,000. Lutron dimmers not only set the perfect mood in a home, they also reduce energy consumption and extend lamp life. Taken as a whole, Lutron light controls have reduced electrical use by 9.2 billion kWh, reducing their customers' electric bills by $1 billion annually. The company has advanced the technology of lighting control while focusing on exceptional quality and design. Since the beginning, the company has maintained exceptional service, offering 24-hour technical support for its products, and a friendly customer service department.

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