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Savoy House Savoy House 18-SF-ES Sleep Fan 2 Blade Pedestal Mount Air Circulator

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Savoy House 18-SF-ES Sleep Fan 2 Blade Pedestal Mount Air Circulator

Why do over 50 million people sleep with a fan? The answer is simple, for the air movement and the noise. And yet, there has never been a fan specifically designed for sleep...until now! When compared to traditional fans, Sleep Fans move 20% more air while generating a more soothing sound. Sleep Fans are also the first fans that you can “turn up” or “turn down” the sound volume independent of the motor speed. The Original Sleep Fan uses proprietary technology to create a soothing sound that promotes relaxation and air movement conducive to rest. Sleep Fans were given careful consideration to the sound they generate because the right sound can make all the difference in a good night’s sleep. A fresh look for any room, Sleep Fans give our busy world what it needs to get a good night's rest. Features: Sleep Fans are the world's first fan that allows the adjustment of volume independent of fan speed Petals amplify the sound, while the volume lever adjusts the petals for the right amount of sound Promotes better sleep by using the lower frequencies of red noise Produces air movement and body cooling conducive to quality rest The Sleep Fan’s blade was specifically designed to produce red noise, which is a lower frequency that drops off the highs and creates a sound profile most people find more soothing On its lowest setting, the Sleep Fan achieves as much air movement as other comparable fans do on high, causing the soothing sound to be quieter than other fans as it relates to the volume of air moved More Air, Less Energy. Sleep Fans use 15% less energy and creates 20% more air movement than its traditional counterpart Adjustable Height from 36" to 51" 80 degree oscillation with tilting head Patent-Pending Sleep Fans Technology Specifications: Height: 48" Width: 19" Number of Blades: 2 Blade Span: 18 Speeds: 3 Control Type: Turn Knob, Lever UL Listed: Yes CUL Listed: Yes Voltage: 120

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