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100´ x 1/2´´ Compressed Air Tubing Kit

100´ x 1/2´´ Compressed Air Tubing Kit With this compressed air tubing kit, you can rout air lines complete with two drop downs in your garage or shop, allowing fast, convenient operation of air nailers, staplers and other pneumatic tools. The kit includes 100´ of 1/2´´ high grade nylon tubing that installs quickly, is easy to modify if changes are desired, and requires no special tools. The material won´t corrode and is far less expensive than traditional black or copper pipe. Designed to operate with a maximum air pressure of 150 PSI.Features: Flexible 1/2"e nylon tubing can be mounted behind walls or on the surface Kit includes manifold kit, 2 outlet kits and 100 feet of gray high-grade nylon tubing Rated for pressure up to 150 PSI max No soldering, threading or special tools required Quick-connect fittings allow for easy installation and reconfiguration if desired; just push the button into the body and tubing can be removed Aluminum blocks and quick-connect fittings are corrosion-free and will not rust or degrade over time Includes tubing cutter for perfectly smooth, square tube ends

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