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10-Piece Avenger Carbide Hole Saw Set

10-Piece Avenger Carbide Hole Saw Set If you´ve ever used a traditional hole saw, these carbide hole saws will be a revelation. They churn out quick, clean holes, with no burning or smoking, and the tapered pilot bits make removing the plug an easy task. With Carbide Hole Saws, the thick cutters sit proud of the cylinder, maintaining a generous air pocket that keeps it cool, and also provides some wiggle room so the drop-off piece doesn´t get stuck. Carbide hole saws also make an excellent alternative to forstner bits, as unlike the latter, they can be used in a hand drill as well as in a drill press. This set of carbide hole saws includes the following sizes: 2´´, 1-3/4´´, 1-1/2´´, 1-3/8´´, 1-1/8´´, 1´´ and 3/4´´ in diameter.Features: Solid carbide teeth create an air pocket around the hole saw, eliminating burning and smoking Tapered pilot bits make it easy to remove the drop-off piece, since they naturally release as the plug is removed Can be used with a hand drill or a drill press Arbors come with replaceable tapered pilot bits pre-installed Larger arbor features studs that engaged with the hole saw to prevent slippage

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