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10-in-1 Woodburning Kit

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10-in-1 Woodburning Kit This 10-in-1 Woodburning Kit includes all of the tips and points needed for woodburning, soldering, leather craft, stencilling and cutting plastics and foam. It includes a 30-watt professional iron that develops tip temperatures of up to 1050, providing fast response and bold, dark strokes. The shaft is quite short, enabling better control by bringing the work closer to your hand. The iron and interchangeable points all store neatly in a molded plastic case.Features: All-purpose tip is for deep, dark detail and shading Calligraphy point is for basic ornamental script, letters and style Shading point is for subtle shading and gradation Flow point is for burning curves and small dots Texture point is for adding texture and fine lines Cone point is for fine dots, lines and curves Script point is for broad lines and softer details Knife point is for cutting synthetic materials and rope. It cuts and burns to prevent fraying Soldering tip is for light, intricate solderings in electronic repairs and hobby projects Dot point is for cutting plastic materials used for stencils. It also burns worm holes for a "edistressed"e look

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