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1-1/4"e QuikTray Rollout Shelf Systems

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1-1/4&quote QuikTray Rollout Shelf Systems QuikTray allows you to easily add roll out shelves, even better this solution is easily adjustable, easy to install and durable. You can install up to 3 drawer shelves and can easily change the vertical location of shelves by simply moving the drawer slides along the vertical supports (pilasters). Pull out shelves / drawers allow you to not only organize your storage space better but it allows you to easily remove the shelves without using any tools. This tool-free ease can be used with a wide variety of drawer slides that are side-mount or concealed (undermount). These slides can be ball-bearing or European style. QuikTrays are ideal for holding pull-out shelves in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, workshop and garage. These pilasters come in tan and white allowing you to match the rest of your room’s theme. How They WorkThe QuikTray shelf system includes the vertical supports (pilasters) that attach directly into the cabinet. Once installed you can use hook dowels to connect your drawer slides to the pilasters. These hook dowels allow you to adjust the location of the slides without tools. That ease to simply pop slides in and out of the support makes installation easy and reduces errors that can result by traditional drawer slide instillation. This ease of use doesn’t reduce durability and each shelf can hold up to 75lbs. Drawer Slides and shelves are sold separately!Suggestions:You might find you need additional hook dowels, we suggest  T-506 hook dowels for side-mount drawer slides. We also suggest using Blum Low-Profile ¾ Extension drawer slides.

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