Rockler 1/4´´ Neatform Bendy MDF

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1/4´´ Neatform Bendy MDF

SKU: 27827 ID: 479642523

It´s easy to make custom curves with this high-quality bendable sheet material, eliminating the hassle of bending plywood. Each sheet measures 1/4´´ x 24´´ x 48´´ and is pre-sanded (120 grit) surface makes it perfect for painting, veneering or laminating. The MPF sheet is bendable across the 48´´ width which makes it ideal for columns as well as other decorative items. This 1/4´´ bendable sheet of MDF has minimum bending radius of 6´´ and can be used single or double sided for your desired end result. Ideal for: Counter / Desk fronts that curve Columns Wavy walls Shaped ceilings Window Displays Curved Shelving General Decor

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