Rockler 16´´ Longworth Style Chuck

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16´´ Longworth Style Chuck

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Just rotate the plates of the Longworth Style Chuck and the soft silicone buttons close in almost instantly, and with perfect concentricity, to hold your project while you make the finishing cuts to the bottom side. Unlike many other rechucking methods, the silicone buttons won´t mar your project or your finish. When compressed with the wing nuts, they expand to provide a secure grip. The 1/4" thick phenolic plates provide strength and stability, regardless of humidity. Available in two sizes: the 10" Longworth Style Chuck for mini and midi lathes with a 10" swing, and the 16" Longworth Style Chuck for standard-sized lathes with a 16" swing or larger. Pick up a piece of fine china, and the first thing you´ll do after admiring the faceis turn it over to inspect the bottom and insignia. It´s no different with turnedbowls, and turners work hard to make the bottom as beautiful as the top. Butchucking a finished bowl face down on the lathe without damaging it hasalways been a challenge - not with the Longworth Style Chuck. Simply rotatethe plates, tighten down the buttons, and you´re ready to turn.Features:Eliminates the time and inconvenience of installing, adjusting and readjustingordinary rechucking jaws.Capable of holding projects in compression or expansion mode (from theinside or outside of the rim of your turning project).Buttons close in concentrically, making it easy to center your project.Soft silicone buttons have increased length for better grip and expansioncapabilities.Buttons expand when the wing nut is tightened, and will not mark or deformyour turned piece.Includes 8 buttons. Replacement packs of buttons with hardware are availableseparately (47455).No assembly required.1/4" phenolic discs are extremely durable, stable, and spin in opposingdirections with almost no resistance.The back side of the Longworth Style Chuck has a steel disk approximately 3/8"thick for mounting.The disk is easily gripped by any brand of 4-jaw scroll chuck with the standard50mm #2 jaws.Straight jaws may be used, but dovetail jaws provide a better hold.The dovetail groove accommodates Nova chucks and Vicmarc chucks as well asOneWay type straight jaws.Recommended maximum RPM is 600.Intended for light finishing cuts only. Note for heavy stock removal.

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