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Rockler 18´´ Measuring Kit for Jigs

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18´´ Measuring Kit for Jigs

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Take your jigs, fences and fixtures to new levels of accuracy! With this easy to use kit, you´ll be able to set your jigs up for convenient repeatability and easier, more precise stop-block operation. It´s great for setting up stops on short fences, such as drill press fences and router table fences.Features:Includes 3 left-to-right and 3 right-to-left 18"e self-adhesive tape measures, as well as 2 plastic lens cursors for stop blocksMeasuring tapes are 1/2"e wide and feature peel-and-stick backing for simple, lasting adhesion to a variety of surfacesCursors are made of durable lightweight plastic and have two slots for screw attachment at various widths (screws not included)Stop block shown in photo is custom made and not included

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