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Builders Edge 18 in. Round Gable Vent in Forest Green

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18 in. Round Gable Vent in Forest Green

SKU: 100669366 ID: 120031818028 UPC: 80192141460

Gable vents provide added architectural detail with their wood grain finish and sharp distinctive characteristics. They offer key features that have become the benchmark in the industry. Installation is easy with our wide nailing flange, leveling lines, and adjustable stop gauge. Our patented snap-on trim ring hides rough cuts and reduces installation time, while providing a finished appearance once the vent has been installed. Our vents utilize a double baffle design that blocks a direct view into the home and provides added protection against wind-driven rain and snow. The sealed-in fiberglass screen offers complete insect and animal protection. Each gable vent has more venting area than industry standards. Available in 24 colors or a separate paintable option (color code 030). Limited lifetime warranty. Polypropylene/polystyrene. Color: Green.

Only $46.83 at HomeDepot

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