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Rockler 25-Piece Offset Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

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25-Piece Offset Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

SKU: 57982 ID: 677116759 UPC: 38728080790

Two handles—one traditional and one ratcheting—provide the best of both worlds in this full-featured screwdriver set. The offset ratcheting handle provides increased leverage, excellent access to tight spaces like narrow drawer banks, and fast, ratcheting action. The traditional handle can be used where swing clearance is limited. Both handles accept standard 1/4´´ hex bits, and the set includes a variety-pack of 21 Phillips, flathead, hex-head and Torx bits, plus a 1/4´´ socket adapter. Also included is a 3-1/4´´ extension that can be used with either handle, as well as a plastic storage case. Features:Ratchet driver instantly adjusts for right- or left-handed useHardened tempered steel 1/4´´ hex bitsUse offset ratcheting handle for reaching inaccessible screws, or where more leverage is desiredExcellent for installing hardware in narrow drawer banks and cabinetsNickel-plated steel ratchet handle

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