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3000-Lumen 4´ LED Shop Light

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3000-Lumen 4´ LED Shop Light This slim 4´ LED utility light makes a great replacement for those old flickering fluorescent tubes. With a 40,000 hour rating, the LEDs promise a long lifespan and reliable operation, even in cold weather. Plus, there are no worries about breakage or mercury leakage, and no tubes to dispose of. The light produced is bright and very white.Features: Uses only 40 watts of power, but emits 3000 lumens of light.Instant on—even in cold weather.Quiet operation—no annoying hum or buzz.No mercury and a longer life than fluorescent bulbs.NOTE: This light does not include a switch, so plan to use a switched outlet or to unplug it when not needed.

Only $49.99 at Rockler.com

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