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3M No Slip-Grip Sandpaper Pro Packs

3M No Slip-Grip Sandpaper Pro Packs Ordinary sandpaper needs to be triple-folded to prevent the backing from sliding against itself and prematurely wrinkling or tearing the sheet. But the backing on 3M´s No-Slip Grip Pro-Pack sandpaper has just enough tackiness to prevent slipping, sliding or rolling. You can sand without folding at all, or fold it in half once and sand with your entire hand in an open, relaxed position. Since there´s no need to grip the paper, you´ll experience less fatigue, less wear-and-tear on your hands, and you´ll cover large surfaces quickly. In addition, the grippy backing won´t slip when used with sanding blocks and contour sanding blocks. With wrinkling at the fold minimized, the paper can last up to 7 times longer than conventional sandpaper.Features: Grippy backing won´t slip, slide, roll or wrinkle, resulting in a longer sanding lifeLets you sand without pinching the sheet, using a relaxed, open grip and your own body weightUse wet or dry—rinse and reuse for maximum abrasive life

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