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3M Pro Grade Ultra Flexible Sanding Roll

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3M Pro Grade Ultra Flexible Sanding Roll The rubbery film backing on 3M´s Pro Grade Precision Ultra Flexible Sanding Rolls results in an abrasive that you can roll, fold, twist, and shape into whatever form you need. The ultra-flexible material can easily wrap around a small radius without rebounding, and the rubbery backing won´t slip, making it ideal for use on contour sanding blocks like the Rockler Contour Sanding Grips (#54412, sold separately). Highly resistant to punctures, tears and creases, the abrasive lasts up to 15X longer* than conventional paper-backed sandpaper. May be used wet or dry, and can be easily rinsed and reused. Simply cut to whatever length you need with a scissors. Anti-load coating for long life.*Based on backing life during hand sanding when compared to 3M conventional sandpaper of comparable grit.

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