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3rd Hand Roller Stand Combo Offer

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Combo Offer includes the Original 3rd Hand Tripod (#49212) with a FastCap Upper Hand Work Support (#42745) and a 12´´ FastCap Outfeed Roller (#45913). Combine all three to make a collapsible roller stand that can be easily broken down for transport and storage. Remove the roller to create a support system for upper cabinets when the base cabinets have not been installed, or you can use the extension support separately to hold upper cabinets in place for when the base cabinets are already in place. Roller can also be attached separately to your workbench or chop saw station. The tripod provides a sturdy base with three 17´´ legs that support up to 150 pounds and a vertical column that accepts the Upper Hand Work Support. Products also available separately below.Original 3rd Hand Tripod (#49212):Rugged tripod has three 17´´ legs that provide a sturdy base for your Upper Hand, 3rd Hands and the EMTAdjusts to stand 5" high and supports up to 150 lbs.Conveniently folds for storage: just 16´´ x 4´´ when folded upFastCap Upper Hand Work Support (#42745):Makes installing cabinets faster, easier, and saferHolds upper cabinets in place while you adjust for level and fasten to the wallExtends from 28" to 60" Padded 6´´ x 6´´ ends prevents scratching or marring May also be used vertically to hold up to 150 lbs.12" FastCap Outfeed Roller (#45913):Stainless steel 12´´ support roller with precision ball-bearing constructionProvides a smooth outfeed roller for longer stock while cutting on your table sawIdeal for both heavy wood and metal stockSupports up to 150 lbs. May be used with the Upper Hand Work Support , 3rd Hand, EMT, and 3rd Hand Tripod

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