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Rockler 4-Way Equal Pressure Clamp

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4-Way Equal Pressure Clamp

SKU: 20981 ID: 479640107 UPC: 400000209814

Adjustable length clamp provides pressure from all four sides — ideal for big projects such as gluing table tops and shelving. To make wood pieces, drill a series of 5/8"e holes spaced 2"e apart down the center line of the board face of a 2x4 piece of lumber. Then rip the board lengthwise through the centers of the holes, creating two pieces approx. 1-1/2"e x 1-11/16"e. Rotate the notched boards so that notches are away from each other.Features:Applies pressure on workpiece face when edge-clamping to prevent bowing and buckling large panelsClamp attaches to any length 2 x 2´s (lumber and wood clamp pads not included)One Clamp per PackageIncludes one set of 2 parts (Two sets shown in photo)

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