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4´ LED Shop Light Wouldn´t it be nice to never have to change another expensive 4´ fluorescent light bulb? With its 50,000 hour rating, these 4´ LED Shop Lights can make that dream a reality. For a little perspective, 50,000 hours means you could leave the light on for eight hours a day, every day, for over 17 years! Plus, you won´t have to worry about shattering those fluorescent tubes, an all-too-common accident in the wood shop with long boards being swung around. No mercury means a safer, cleaner, more environmentally-friendly lighting solution. Best of all, the light is bright and very white. There is no annoying hum, it works in cold weather, and it illuminates with full-brightness the instant you turn it on.Features:Uses only 40 watts, yet puts out 4500 lumens of bright, white lightWorks in cold weatherQuiet operation—no annoying hum or buzzNo lag time—provides full brightness instantaneouslyBuilt-in electronic driversContains no mercury

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