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Rockler Adjustable Flush Mount Brackets

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Adjustable Flush Mount Brackets

SKU: 46429 ID: 510004018 UPC: 733175464291

These interlocking hanger brackets are great for securing vanity cases, wall units, and mirrors to the wall. One piece fits into the other to form a solid, streamlined interlocking mount, much like a French cleat. These feature 1/4´´ of side-to-side adjustability, which leaves a bit of fudge room for the installer. When you need to remove the wall hanging for cleaning, painting or any other reason, simply lift it off the brackets. 1/4´´ of side-to-side adjustabilityMeasures 1-1/2´´ x 1-5/8´´ x 1/4´´ thickMade from zinc-plated steelCan be used individually for small hangingsFor wide wall hangings, multiple mounts are recommendedMounting hardware includedPriced per pair (two sets of brackets are included)

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