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Ancient Kauri Pen Blank

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Ancient Kauri is obtained from logs that have been buried in salt marshes and bogs in New Zealand for tens of thousands of years. Radiocarbon dating has shown that the logs are at least 30-50,000 years old, though much of it is likely older, since 50,000 years is the practical limit of radiocarbon dating. Many of the trees themselves were also thousands of years old when they were mysteriously buried, apparently by a sudden, violent force of nature. Kauri trees still grow today in New Zealand, and are among the world´s most massive trees, comparable to the giant redwoods of the Pacific northwest. Kauri has a rich tan to chocolate brown color, moderate to light density and excellent working properties.Due to the immense size of the trees, it is almost always clear and knot-free. A certificate of authenticity is included with each purchase.

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