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Arched Door Making Templates

Arched Door Making Templates Nearly all arched door templates on the market come in expensive complete sets of 10-20 different sizes, most of which you´ll never use since most cabinet doors fall within a fairly narrow range of widths. The Arched Door Templates from Rockler, however, allow you to purchase only the templates your project requires, saving you money and shop space. Simply use the Woodshop Calculator (#58314, sold separately) to instantly generate a cut list for all of your doors, and the calculator will give you a short list of which templates are required for your specific project. Each set of templates includes a pattern for the rail andfor the corresponding panel. Cathedral Door Templates are also available (sold separately), which have a more pronounced curve with flats at either end.Features: Greatly simplifies the process of laying out and cutting the cathedral arches for your raised panel doors Durable, rigid 1/4´´ masonite—simply use double-sided tape to secure the templates Each template will work with a range of sizes Complete instructions available online

Only $12.99 at Rockler.com

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