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Armor Auto-Pro Dog Fences

SKU: GRP9945 ID: 668445739

Armor Auto-Pro Dog Fences slip into any 3/4´´ dog hole to position and brace materials or to set up corners. They can be used with most standard workbenches, and with any work table with 3/4´´ holes drilled in the top. Dog Fences are reversible to accommodate variations in thickness. The tall side is 1-1/4´´ high, while the short side is 5/8´´ high for use with standard 3/4´´ stock. Each fence includes two 3´´ x 3/4´´ dog pegs, which slide in a track on the Dog Fence for easy adjustment of the spacing. Ideal for use with the Armor Auto-Adjust Dog Clamps (#51910, sold separately). Features:Hole spacing is easily adjustable.

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