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Auto-Lock T-Track Clamp with Mounting Bracket

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Auto-Lock T-Track Clamp with Mounting Bracket Auto-Lock T-Track Clamp: Tightening Rockler´s new Auto-Lock T-Track Clamp is literally an open-and-shut case—just slide the clamp face up to your work and close the lever! Once set, the clamping pressure is always the same regardless of workpiece size, and is adjusted only if needed with the set screw. Since the clamps apply pressure from the side, the top of your workpiece is unobstructed for easy machining and sanding. The bottom-mounted pins slide inside the miter track for stability, and can be shifted for 45° angle clamping—ideal for miters and irregularly shaped objects. When used with our T-Track Table, the clamp arm can be adjusted in and out a full 3-1/2´´, allowing you to easily clamp items that lie in between the T-tracks.Features: Fast, repeatable action saves enormous amounts of time for repetitive clamping tasks.Clamps slide into any T-track that accepts 5/16´´ T-bolts, including our T-Track Table (#46654, sold separately) and many of the CNC Shark tables (#54900).An optional Mounting Bracket (#57940) is available for securing the clamp to shop-made jigs and fixtures.Knurled wheel secures the clamp to your T-track.Bottom-mounted alignment pins can be repositioned at 45° for angled clamping.Adjustment screw is easily accessible through a hole in the handle, and adjusts clamping pressure from 10 to 500 lbs.Non-slip pad on base of clamp prevents unwanted shifting.Clamp face also features a pad that prevents marring your workpiece.Angled notch in clamp face cradles outside corners and irregularly shaped objects.Rugged steel and aluminum construction.Nicely complements our T-Track Stops (#46010, sold separately).Mounting Bracket for Auto-Lock T-Track Clamp: No T-tracks? No worries. With this little mounting bracket, Rockler´s innovative Auto-Lock Clamps can be mounted virtually anywhere, and in any position. Just screw the mounting bracket to your custom jig or fixture at the desired angle, slide in your T-track clamp and you´re ready to enjoy the fast, auto-adjust benefits of our Auto-Lock clamps (#58616, sold separately).Features:Solid extruded aluminum.Four pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. Flange on one end provides a surface for the base-mounted rubber pad of the Auto-Lock Clamp to rest on, eliminating slippage.

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