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Rockler BLOKKZ Universal Clamping Blocks, Pair

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BLOKKZ Universal Clamping Blocks, Pair

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These clever little clamping blocks differ from the traditional ones in one very important way - the circular clamping surface allows force to be applied at any angle, and with pinpoint precision. That versatility means you can say goodbye to those cluttered heaps of miter blocks that are good only for specific angles. In addition to handling virtually any miter, these easily clamp notoriously difficult joints, such as scarf joints, bevels and mortise and tenon joints where the tenon extends through the mortise. They´re also perfect for clamping simple ninety degree joints on large assemblies when you don´t have a clamp that´s long enough. It´s a simple tool with utility limited only by your imagination.Features:Constructed of Hard AluminumClamping blocks include neoprene pads for extra grip and scratch protectionRibbed gripping surface on the blocks also reduces slippageHole in clamping block allows it to be used as a hold-down3/4"e loop end is perfect for clamping long angle jointsBLOKKZ measure 5"e Long x 1"e Width x 5/16"e ThickA length of pipe can be fed through multiple clamping blocks for easy alignment when clamping long bevel joints

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