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Rockler Baltic Birch Plywood-24 Inch X 30 Inch

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Baltic Birch Plywood-24 Inch X 30 Inch

SKU: GRP846_4 ID: 543491789

Each sheet of our Baltic Birch Plywood features exceptional strength and the ability to be finished to meet your project needs. The front, back and inner plies are all quality one-piece sheets, which result in excellent screw holding power. Faces may contain some matched plugs, and one face is light and even in color for an attractive finished face. All pieces are 30´´ long, and are ripped to 24´´ wide, an ideal size for base cabinet partitions. Available in thicknesses of: 1/8´´, 1/4´´, 1/2´´ and 3/4´´. All dimensions are nominal and may be slightly undersized.Grade BB/BB: Both faces are relatively "evoid free"e but may contain small patches and a slight knot pattern or mineral streaks. One face is light and even in color. Open knots and defects in a BB face veneer have been removed and replaced with small uniform ´´football´´ patches before being glued. The end result is a strong plywood that is attractive enough to be used on a variety of projects.

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