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Barrister´s Bookcase Plan Plans for this classic piece of furniture. Not just for law books anymore, this barrister´s bookcase was revamped to provide a dust-free environment for the designer´s record album collection. This classic bookcase lends a prestigious feel to any office and any collection (of books or otherwise). Dimensions are: 53"e High x 36"e Wide x 16"e DA hardware kit is available that includes: 3 pair #25724 Barrister Door Slides and a 6 each #36467 Solid Brass Knobs.Editor´s Note: This plan may contain references to different slide systems that have been incorporated since the original plan was published in 1992. It is important to use correct dimensions and machining for the slides you choose. If you have questions please call our Tech Dept. at 1-800-260-9663.

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