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Bed Lift Mechanisms

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Considering the amount of unused space under the average bed, it´s no surprise that that´s one of the most popular places to store things. But who wants to crawl around on all fours and deal with all the dust that collects there? These bed lift mechanisms solve both problems. With a single hand, anyone can lift the mattress platform to reveal vast amounts of storage, all fully visible, easily accessible and shielded from the dust that would otherwise collect on your items. A pair of gas pistons provide lift for easy opening, and dampen the closing for safety. The simple two-piece design makes installation easy. To choose the correct weight rating, add the weight of your mattress to your platform weight. Mattress weights vary significantly based on size, style, type and model.If you don´t know your platform weight, use the following: 77 lbs. for a twin-size platform. 100 lbs. for a full-size platform. 115 lbs. for a queen-size platform.Mechanisms require indicated lengths to be mounted to the bed. It´s important for proper function to choose the correct weight rating.

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