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Bench Cookie Plus® T-Track Kit T-tracks are renowned for their adjustability, and Bench Cookies® for their versatility - now this complete kit allows you to combine the two for the ultimate in both! T-Track Risers slide conveniently into your T-track to provide a set of four elevated posts for your Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers. Not only do you get a no-slip, no-mar work surface that is fixed firmly in place, but the additional height creates space for saw blades and router bits beneath the workpiece. Simply spin the Bench Cookies and they tighten themselves down, then add a final cinch for good measure. To enhance the versatility of this kit even further, purchase the T-Track Intersection Kit (#22209, sold separately) Bench Cookie Plus® Work Grippers Features: Lift, grip, and protect at a higher level with Rockler´s Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers Newly redesigned, these high-friction rubber pads hold your project rock-steady while sawing, sanding, or routing without the use of clamps New design features a 3/4"e insert for various riser systemsBench Cookie Plus® 2"e T-Track Risers Features: Simply spin the Bench Cookies onto the T-Track Risers via the 3/4"e insert Risers are made of aluminum with a grooved surface 2-1/2"e T-bolts work with Rockler Universal T-Track Kit (included) and virtually any other T-track Riser bushings measure 2"e long17-Piece Universal T-Track Kit Features: Outfit your workbenches, jigs, or machine tables with the ultimate accessory track Universal T-Track boasts a unique stacked-slot design that allows you to attach any accessory with 1/4"e T-bolts, 5/16"e T-bolts, or 1/4"e Hex-bolts 17-Piece Kit Includes: one 4´ length of Universal T-Track, two 3-1/2"e x 5/16"e T-bolts, two 1"e x 5/16"e T-bolts, two 1-1/2"e x 5/16"e T-bolts, two 2-1/2"e x 5/16"e T-bolts, four T-knobs, and four 5-star knobs

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