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Rockler Bench Dog® Crown-Cut

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Bench Dog® Crown-Cut

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Cutting crown molding doesn´t have to be difficult! Crown-Cut eliminates the complication of cutting crown and cove molding, giving you perfect miters, every time. What´s the secret? Crown-Cut holds the molding at its intended angle while you cut it. No more compound cuts and tedious trial and error! Before Crown-Cut, miscalculated compound cuts produced sloppy miters that screamed for caulk and paint. Even if you´re using the coping method for inside miters, Crown-Cut will prove useful for the initial cuts. For a professional looking job, cut your crown and cove the easy way!Features:The safest and easiest way to cut crown and cove moldingFits all 10"e and larger miter saws, regular or slidingExclusive fence risers adjust to fit crown and cove molding up to 6"e wideIntegral setup guide prevents costly miscutsCompletely portable. Does NOT need to be attached to your miter saw

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