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Bessey K Body® Clamp Extender Combine any two Bessey K Body Clamps and get enormous clamping capacity while retaining all the benefits of parallel clamping. Two 60"e Clamps combined make a 120"e K Body Clamp, long enough for the largest of cabinets! Durable aluminum construction ensures a rigid link with no twisting or unwanted movement and provides a stable base to prevent tipping. Includes Aluminum Clamp Extender, 2 bolts, 2 nuts and 4 washers. Note: The Extender is compatible with the newer K Body Clamps, which feature a black swivel foot-pad (and a hole) opposite the handle. Older clamps can be modified to make them work with the extender.Features:Durable aluminum construction provides a precise, rigid linkNo loss of strength or parallelismExtender lies flush with the top of clamp bar for flat glue upsMatching channel in the Extender mates perfectly with the K Body clamp bar profile to eliminate twist and unwanted movementExtender feet provide additional stability while laying upright on a bench or when turned over to straddle a carcaseAnodized finish prevents black marks from reaction with glueCombine different sizes for custom lengths

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