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Bessey Variable Angle Strap Clamp

Bessey Variable Angle Strap Clamp Most strap clamps pull from only one end of strap, which can lead to unevenly distributed pressure and distortion of the workpiece. The BESSEY VAS-23+2K Strap Clamp, however, exerts force from both ends of the strap, ensuring even pressure and tight joints. An integral reel makes it easy to store the excess strap. The strap is woven from extremely durable high-tensile polyester, and is resistant to glue. For additional corner pieces, see our 6-Pack of Extra Strap Clips for the Bessey Variable Angle Strap Clamp (#33879, sold separately).Features:Ideal for clamping round, angled or irregularly shaped objectsStrap is tensioned from both sides to ensure even pressureIntegral rewind mechanism quickly stores excess strapIncludes four adjustable pads that angle from 60° to 180°Glue-resistant, tear-resistant polyester strap provides 1000 lbs. of tensile strength

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