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Bessey® K Body® REVO Jr. Parallel Clamps

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Bessey® K Body® REVO Jr. Parallel Clamps Prevent bowing, turning and lifting while clamping with Bessey® K Body® REVO™ Jr. Parallel Clamps! The large, parallel jaws are uniquely designed to distribute even pressure across the entire surface of your work. The K Body´s updated design includes three removable jaw protection caps that help prevent wear, repel glue and resist paint and grease solvents – and they´re easily replaceable, too. A quick-release feature allows the movable jaw to slide up and down the rail by simply angling the comfortable Power-Grip handle. Plus, each clamp includes two slip-on workpiece supports that attach to the rail, providing a stable base and preventing direct contact between the clamp and the actual workpiece. Plus, they deliver 900 lbs. of high-pressure clamping, even at 90°. And they have a powerful spreading feature for easy tear-down. Compatible with KP clamp blocks and the K Body Clamp Extender.

Only $29.99 at Rockler.com

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