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Black Palm by the Piece

Black Palm by the Piece Black Palm comes from the tough outer rings of a palm tree native to Australia and Southeast Asia. The wood has a distinctive streaked or speckled pattern, with a deep brown backdrop and flecks of black. It is hard, extremely durable but not as heavy as one would expect. All boards are machined S4S, and are planed to 1/8"e, 1/4"e, 1/2"e and 3/4"e thicknesses, relieving your planer of excess work. Thin boards are well-suited for edging, veneering, marquetry, sides for decorative boxes, bending stock and bent laminations, while the thicker boards are ideal for furniture, paneling, cabinet doors, mouldings, drawer sides, fine jewelry boxes and whatever else your imagination can dream up!Lumber Details:Native to: Prevalent in North Queensland, Australia. Native to rainforests of Australia and Southeast Asia.Tree: A tall, attractive palm, growing up to about 60´ tall, with a 12´ canopy. Trunk is smooth and closely ringed, and becomes nearly black as the palm ages.Color: Dark wood, streaked with blacks and browns. Sometimes the flecks are closely-spaced resulting in an almost black appearance. End grain is speckled and resembles lizard skin or hammered leather. End grain has a dramatic look when used as inlay.Working Characteristics: Turns very well.Scientific name: Borassus flabellife

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