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Rockler Blum 95° Face Frame Thick Door Hinges

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Blum 95° Face Frame Thick Door Hinges

SKU: GRP40163 ID: 583492628

If your doors are thicker than the standard 3/4´´, these are the hinges for you. They can handle doors from 3/4´´ up to 1-3/16´´ thick. The hinge travel is specifically designed to prevent the binding that would otherwise result from the additional thickness. In addition, they feature convenient three-way adjustability with easy height adjustments thanks to the parallel-movement mounting plate. Simply turn one screw for easy parallel height adjustments. No tools are required to mount and dismount the cabinet doors, and your adjustments remain in place even when you remove the door. Clip Top hinges include sleek metal caps to cover both the hinge arm and the cup mounting screws. See the optional Blumotion Soft Close System for silent, cushioned door closure.FeaturesSnap close feature self-closes at the end of the door´s travel—no need for catches3-way cam adjustability for consistent reveals and perfect alignmentClip-on mounting and demounting—remove and reinstall the doors in seconds without tools Related Products We recommend using our JIG IT® Deluxe Concealed Hinge Drilling System with the JIG IT® Hinge Plate Template J to make installation of these hinges accurate and easy.JIG IT® Hinge Plate Template JJIG IT® Deluxe Concealed Hinge Drilling System

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