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Blum Bi-Fold Hinges

Blum Bi-Fold Hinges 60° swing lets door easily clear any adjoining cabinet obstructions before it completely opens. This hinge is used in a corner bi-fold door application to hinge the two doors together. Easy installation requires boring only one door. Use on 5/8´´ to 7/8´´ thick doors. Self-closing eliminates the need for a catch. Combine with second set of 170° hinges (sold separately, #55840) for complete bi-fold function. Related Products We recommend using our JIG IT® Deluxe Concealed Hinge Drilling System with the JIG IT® Hinge Plate Template A to make installation of these hinges accurate and easy.JIG IT® Hinge Plate Template AJIG IT® Deluxe Concealed Hinge Drilling System

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