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Rockler Blum® Hinge Cup Spacer

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Blum® Hinge Cup Spacer

SKU: 48224 ID: 524074286 UPC: 733175482240

Designed to work with the Compact Blumotion Overlay Hinges, these Hinge Cup Spacers allow you the use the deeper Blumotion hinge cups in a door that was previously drilled for the older, shallower hinge cups. The spacers are precisely dimensioned to add just enough clearance, and eliminate the possibility of misaligning the new hinge cup hole.Technical Details:Designed to work with the Compact Blumotion Overlay Hinges. The Hinge Cup Spacers are 3/64"e thick. Made of a durable resin. Sold in pairs - use one hinge cup spacer per hinge.

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