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Bolivian Rosewood by the Piece-1/4"e Thickness

Bolivian Rosewood by the Piece-1/4&quote Thickness Also known as "ePau Ferro,"e Bolivian Rosewood features a deep, chocolate brown tone with hints of purple, interlaced with even darker brown or black growth lines. A dense, but easily worked species native to Central and South America, it has a scent reminiscent of Walnut. The grain varies from straight to irregular and the wood is oily to the touch. Often used for the curving sides of guitars, Bolivian Rosewood steam bends nicely and will take an exceptional finish. All boards are machined S4S, and are planed to 1/8"e and 1/4"e thicknesses, relieving your planer of excess work. You also won´t have to worry about chipout, which is difficult to prevent when planing thin stock. Thin boards are ideal for edging, veneering, inlay, marquetry, sides for decorative boxes, bending stock, bent laminations and whatever else your imagination can dream up!Lumber Details:Common Names: Bolivian Rosewood, Morado, Pau Ferro.Botanical Classification: Machaerium scleroxylonTree is Native To: Bolivia and Brazil.Average Dried Weight: 53 lb/ft. Average Specific Gravity: 0.85Texture ranges from coarse to fine.Bolivian Rosewood requires pre-boring for fasteners.The machinery dust from this species may cause severe skin irritation to persons with allergies.

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