Rockler Bosch 12´´ Glide Miter Saw

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Bosch 12´´ Glide Miter Saw

SKU: 42389 ID: 578039568 UPC: 346393941

Get precision cuts in a space-saving design that allows you to set up tight to a wall! Plus, all your controls are conveniently up front for an efficient cutting operation. Features: Patented Axial-Glide™ System gives you consistent precision over tool lifeThe compact ´´no-rail´´ design saves up to 12´´ of workspace - use it up against a wall without problemsGlide action gives you unmatched smoothness of cutExpanded cutting capacity gives you a 14´´ horizontal cut capacity, 6-1/2´´ vertical capacity against the fence, and a 6-1/2´´ crown capacity against the fence (45° spring)Upfront bevel controls with an all-metal bevel lock lever and range selector for quick and easy bevel settings without reaching behind the sawSquarelock™ Quick-Release Fences: High-precision Squarelock fence aligns 90° to table and requires no adjustment; One-touch lock/unlock to slide fence for added supportIntegrated expanding base extensions provide 60% more left-to-right material support than leading competitor (40´´ left to right)Large easy-to-read uniform bevel & stainless steel miter scales with marked detents and roof pitch anglesAdjustable miter detents at 0°, 15°, 31.6°, 22.5°, 45°, 60° RightSuper-accurate and durable designPush-button miter detent override gives you easy-to-access thumb actuated control right up front for fine miter angle adjustmentBevel Detents: 0°, 33.9°, 45° Left/Right for accurate cuts90% dust collection is optimized for cutting 2x material with a vacuumErgonomic ambidextrous trigger handle with soft grip

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Home > Rockler > Power Tools > Power Saws > Miter Saws
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