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Bosch Laser Distance Measurer When it comes to measuring large rooms or long distances beyond the reach of a standard 20´ tape, nothing can beat the speed and precision of laser measurement technology. And once you´ve tried it on the big jobs, you´ll find yourself using it for shorter distances as well. Whether you´re cutting shelves for the inside of a cabinet, or building cabinets for a jumbo kitchen, you´ll appreciate the ease and accuracy of this little tool. Measure floor-to-ceiling distances and wall-to-wall distances without the tape measure crumpling and without squinting at a bent tape in the corner. And forget pacing off the distance—the laser measure ´´walks´´ the distance at the speed of light. With the push of a button, the unit sends out a laser beam to the opposite wall or obstacle, and within 1-2 seconds, returns a reading.

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