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Bosch MRP23EVS Plunge Router, 2.3 HP

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Bosch MRP23EVS Plunge Router, 2.3 HP The best Bosch plunge router yet! The handle-mounted trigger is an industry first you´llrelish every time you turn the router on. Another key feature is the excellent visibilityin the crucial bit area, illuminated with clean, bright LED lighting whenever the routeris plugged in, and surrounded by a crystal-clear polycarbonate sub-base. But dig in alittle deeper, and you´ll find that every aspect of this premium router has been carefullyengineered: from the glassy smooth plunge action and rotating turret plunge-depthstops with microfine depth adjustment, to touches like the cord swivel and the flatrubber top for stable inverted bit changes. And with a 15 amp motor with 2.3 HP underthe hood, you´ll be getting the most powerful router in its class.Includes: MR23EVS Motor, MRP001 Plunge Base, 1/4"e and 1/2"e Self-Releasing Collets, Bit-Change Wrenches.Features:Trigger Control System: Trigger power switch (with lock-on button) conveniently located in handle for enhanced controlAfterlock Microfine Depth Adjustment: Easy and precise adjustment at any plunge settingSmooth Plunge Action, Spring-Lock Plunge Lever, and Depth Rod: For easy and precise plunge routingLED Lighting: For enhanced visibility in bit areaPrecision Centering Design: Makes it easy to keep bit on intended cutline when using jigs and other guidance devicesTwo-Stage Quick-Clamp SystemVariable-Speed DialSoft Start: Reduces start-up torqueConstant-Response™ Circuitry: Maintains constant speed under loadPlunge Base Features:Plunge Depth Range: 3"e (76 mm) Afterlock Adjustment Range: 5/8"e (16 mm) Subbase/Base Openings: 2"e / 3-5/16"eSmooth Plunge Action - Accuracy, ease of use Springed Plunge-Lock Lever - Ease of locking at desired depth 2"e Subbase Holes - Wide Base Openings Ability to use larger bits Quick-Clamp System - Easy to adjust and move motor Aluminum Construction - Durable and lightweightAdditional FeaturesHP (Max.): 2.3 Amps: 15 Speed Range: 10,000 - 25,000 RPM Soft-Start - Enhanced control at start up 1-Piece Armature Shaft - Accuracy, deep bit shank capacity Two-Wrench Bit Change System - Ability to change bits in or out of bases 10-Foot Rubber Cord - Maneuverability, Range and Durability

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