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Rockler Bosch Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser, 50´ Range

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Bosch Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser, 50´ Range

SKU: 54078 ID: 570644528 UPC: 346461046

When you need a level or plumb reference line on your wall, ceiling or floor, this cross-line laser indicator will save you loads of time. Rather than hauling out your level, tape measure and chalk line, you can simply push a button, and the unit projects a plumb line, a level line, or both in the form of a set of crosshairs. Use it to install cabinets, trim, molding, wainscoting, and even for simple household tasks like hanging artwork. The laser is self-leveling and includes the BM3 Positioning Device featuring retractable feet, magnetic mounting and a ceiling grid clamp. It can also be threaded onto the Bosch Compact Tripod (#52320, sold separately).Features:Robust over-molded construction keeps out water and dust and provides a sure gripEasy access battery box for quick battery changesAutomatic shut-off saves battery lifeSimple keypad operation lets you easily select between horizontal, vertical, and cross line modesIncludes BM3 Positioning Device with retractable feet, strong magnets and ceiling grid clampSmart pendulum leveling system self-levels, indicates when unit is out-of-level, and locks when switched offThree modes: horizontal line, vertical line and crosshairsManual mode overrides leveling system for use at any angleMagnetic mounting base lets you position and mount the unit with magnets, strap, or threaded mounts (5/8-11, 1/4-20)

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