Rockler Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise™ Miter Saw Stand

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Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise™ Miter Saw Stand

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Bosch´s T4B folds up quickly and effortlessly into a convenient, compact dolly that can be rolled onto your truck bed for transport or tucked into a corner of your shop for storage. There is no need to remove the saw from the stand when folding it up—check out the video to see its ingenious scissoring mechanism in action. Once unfolded, the infeed and outfeed supports extend to hold material up to 18´ in length. Integral material stops pull up to provide precise, repeatable cuts—to bypass them, just push them back flush with the supports. Rugged 8´´ diameter tires make it easy to navigate stairs and uneven jobsite terrain, while tool-free latches make it easy to remove and reinstall your miter saw if necessary.Features: Integrated expandable infeed and outfeed tables support up to 18 feet of material Adjustable feet provide stability on uneven surfaces Outfeed is adjustable up to 12´´ Universal Mounting System is compatible with all major saw brands Rapid-Release mounting system lets you remove and reinstall miter saw with just two latches Integrated 8´´ rubber wheels for easy transport from jobsite to jobsite Universal mount for use with all major brands

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