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Buffer´s Polish This is the ultimate formula for removing minor imperfections in the finish and creating a professional, high-gloss, "ewet"e polish. It can be used either by hand or with a mechanical buffer on almost any fully cured finish. Offered in the original (#5) grade for excellent gloss and quick results. Pint.Note: This product is not available in the Pasadena, Torrance Orange and Ontario stores due to AQMD VOC requirementsDesigned to replace the traditional "etripoli and oil"e final rub on gloss finishes.Contains no silicones or waxes that could interfere with additional finish coats, touch-up or refinishing.May be applied with a soft cloth, felt rubbing block or a low-speed electric buffer.Please note that this item can be shipped only by UPS Ground to addresses within the continental United States.

Only $18.00 at Rockler.com

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