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Building a Strip Canoe Book

SKU: 42989 ID: 479647699 UPC: 9781565234833

Get detailed, plans and patterns for eight proven strip canoe designs from Master Maine Guide, Gil Gilpatrick! Gilpatrick includes more than 100 photographs and illustrations in this 111 page guide book and touches on safety in the workshop, repairs and maintenance to your canoe, and gives you shortcuts to help you get paddling faster!Features: Eight plans and patterns for proven strip canoe designs 18´ White Guide - a classic canoe 20´ White Guide - a beautiful canoe in a large size White Water - Solo or pair whitewater tripping River Runner - the best canoe for river and combo trips Grand Laker - a square stern to house a motor Puddle Duck - a great single person canoe Wabnaki - a nice sized canoe for one or two people The Laker - the perfect canoe for casual canoeing Over 100 color photographs and illustrations Step-by-step instructions

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