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Bulls Eye® Shellac-Amber

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Trusted by generations of woodworkers, shellac is a traditional, quick-drying finish that is ideal for antiques and fine furniture. It is durable, non-yellowing and imparts a warm glow to all wood surfaces. Also works great for sealing wood, knots and drywall prior to applying paint. All-natural and non-toxic, this shellac is safe for use with children´s toys. Blocks all odors. Amber or Clear.Features:Will adhere to glass and ceramic.For best results, thin to a 2 lb. cut (2 parts denatured alcohol, 5 parts shellac).May be tinted by adding up to 1.5 oz. per quart.Apply several thin coats with brush, pad or lint-free wiping cloth.1 quart covers approximately 100-150 sq. ft., depending on porosity.Dries to touch in 30 minutes.Let dry 1 hour before sanding with 220 grit or finer sandpaper.Allow subsequent coats to dry at least 1 hour before sanding.Cleanup with denatured alcohol or household ammonia and water.This product is not dewaxed.Not recommended as a sealer under polyurethane.Please note that this item can be shipped only by UPS Ground to addresses within the continental United States.

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Home > Rockler > Finishing > Finish > Shellac
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