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CMT BTS-1 Bowl & Tray Router Bit System Kit- 1-1/4"e Dia x 1/2"e Shank

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CMT BTS-1 Bowl & Tray Router Bit System Kit- 1-1/4&quote Dia x 1/2&quote Shank Whether for vegetable trays, salad bowls or hors d´oeuvre platters, this kit lets you make gorgeous divided bowls quickly and easily. No lathe? No problem. A band saw or jig saw can handle the outer circumference. For the interior, all you need is this kit and a router. The kit includes two templates, a Bowl and Tray bit, and a collet extension, full instructions and an instructional DVD. The end results will astonish your friends. And what great gifts they´ll make in a very short amount of time!Bowls and trays made with this set provide an excellent use for scrap wood. Glue pieces together butcher block style to make a beautiful pattern of colors and species. The templates will withstand a lifetime of use, and with a little imagination they can be used to make several styles of bowls or trays. The DVD provides specific examples of how to modify your designs. The collet extension, used to make extra deep bowls, is also useful whenever your general woodworking requires extra deep cuts.Template material is 1/2"e MDF (all templates are produced on a CNC router, ensuring perfect curves and straight lines).Oval template produces 14"e wide x 22-1/2"e long tray.Pie-cut template produces 16-3/4"e round tray.3-1/2"e long collet extension accepts 1/2"e shank router bits.Bowl and Tray router bit: 1-1/4"e diameter; carbide tipped; shear angle; 1/2"e shank.Instructional DVD is 38 minutes long.

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